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Proof of Concept Rental Packages

CAMtria offers flexible rental packages of our lines of Assisted Reality devices. These packages were designed to facilitate and accelerate the proof of concept phase by eliminating the need to procure budgets for device purchase immediately, and to allow project teams to test different devices and solutions before making a commitment. 

The rental packages also include service and support to help the project team hit the deployment path running by avoiding device configuration, software installation and configuration. Our demo and training sessions will help reduce the learning curve for your teams by offering context specific information to your particular use case and implementation.

If our predefined packages do not suit your needs, contact us and we can work with you to create a custom package.

Should you decide to purchase the device at the end of the term, a credit of approximately 66% of the original rental price will be credited on your first invoice.


Realwear Devices POC Rental Packages


Vuzix Devices POC Rental Packages