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How to reduce your school’s costs on Scantron forms

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Responsible for the purchasing needs of her Canadian school board for over a decade, Linda had grown irritated with the inflated prices her organization was paying for their Scantron test answer forms. It didn’t take long for her to begin to look into different options, intent on finding a substitute which would enable them to reduce costs by at least 15%, hopefully as much as 20%.


For many years, she believed there weren’t any options readily available for Canadian schools.  But Linda was determined, and eventually, she found her solution - or rather, her solution found her. A representative from CAMtria reached out to her, letting her know that they could offer her packs of Scantron-compatible OMR forms for nearly half the price of what she was currently paying. She would be saving her school board a little under 45% - more than double her initial cost savings goal. And she wouldn’t even need to purchase any new equipment or software. It was a no-brainer decision.  


But the savings didn’t stop there. One year after switching to CAMtria Scantron-compatible forms, Linda wanted to once again find a way to minimize costs for her school board. Although their current scanners were being loaned to them free of charge, the minimum purchase orders needed to keep up with their contract was putting enormous strain on their budget. This was made worse by the reporting software that came with the scanners, which cost $1,700 annually per license with the limitation that each copy could only be used on one computer, resulting in testing backlogs.


Through CAMtria, Linda was able to replace all of her existing scanners with the DataLink1200. She took advantage of a promotional bundle of $995 which included a scanner, 10 packs of Scantron-compatible forms and the DataLink Connect reporting software, which both she and her teachers were happy to learn could be used across multiple computers at each school. Teachers would no longer have to wait in line to calculate and analyze their classroom’s test results.


Within one year, she saved her school board an additional $1,745 per scanner, with an annual savings of over $2,000 per machine moving forward. For a school board of Linda’s size, this meant freeing up nearly $30,000 from the annual budget.Both Linda and her administration were astounded that she had found such as simple way to save such a large sum of money without compromising the quality of education or the services provided to students.  


Are you in the same situation as Linda? Looking for easy ways to save your school money? By purchasing your OMR test-scoring forms through CAMtria, you can save thousands of dollars per year, thanks to the following:


Our forms are nearly half the price. When you purchase CAMtria’s Scantron-compatible forms, you’re saving a minimum of 35%. When you purchase 10 packs or more, you’re saving 45%!


Shipping is always free when ordering within Canada. And no pesky or unexpected brokerage fees.


FREE reporting software. With the purchase of an Apperson DataLink scanner, you receive DataLink Connect software at no additional cost. Our competitors charge up to $1,700 per year for softwares that are compatible with their scanners.


No exchange rate fees. All transactions made through CAMtria are in Canadian dollars, so you won’t be surprised by your final invoice.  


Scanner Comp1



Even without factoring in the cost of a reporting software, CAMtria offers a better value within one year of making the switch.  


If you’re not quite ready to trade in your current scanner, you can still benefit from steep savings by switching to our Scantron-compatible answer sheets.



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No matter which option choose, you will always benefit from a significant cost savings by switching to CAMtria without compromising quality of product or service. CAMtria products are currently trusted by over 200 school districts and higher education institutions in 9 provinces across Canada.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-888-848-5111 to learn more about how we can save you money during your next exam season - we’re always happy to assist you and help you figure out exactly what you need!  




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