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DataLink SideKick

Personal, Portable and Powerful The compact DataLink Sidekick personal test scanner is the perfect companion for providing immediately useful and relevant results. Smaller than a tablet, the lightweight SideKick easily fits in a corner of any desk or work table for quick access. And it comes with everything you need to get started, right away.

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DataLink 1200

Rapid Results for Any Classroom The tabletop test scanner is ideal for the needs of one or several classrooms. The three-pound 1200 scans on any classroom table, providing immediate digital or printed results from paper tests, anytime. With touchpad controls, compact LCD display, and a startup package that will get you up and running as soon as you unpack the box. The DataLink 1200 delivers assessment reports when you need them, simply and quickly.

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DataLink 600 FC

The GradeMaster 600-FC is an excellent replacement scanner for the Scantron¹ 888P+ or Score scanner. In addition to scanning GradeMaster Series answer sheets, the GradeMaster 600-FC was designed to scan Scantron 888P+ & Score answer sheets, providing the same functionality at a much lower cost. When used with GradeMaster answer sheets and our Apperson DataLink™ Connect software, this scanner not only scores student answer sheets, but also collects valuable test data electronically providing immediate reports.

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DataLink 3000

The high-powered 3000 is equipped with an automatic feeder that holds 300 answer sheets to speed any scoring task. With an integrated bar code reader (for pre-printed student and test IDs), as well as touchpad controls, compact LCD display, and a startup package that will get you up and running as soon as you unpack the box. The DataLink 3000 is always ready. And more than able.

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