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Datalink 600 FC Scanner

SKU: 27900  /  Product Availability: Yes  /  

The tabletop test scanner is ideal for the needs of one or several classrooms.

Includes shipping within Canada.
Check description for volume discount rates.

The Datalink 600-FC is an excellent replacement scanner for the Scantron¹ 888P+ or Score scanner. In addition to scanning Datalink FC Series answer sheets, the Datalink 600-FC was designed to scan Scantron 888P+ & Score answer sheets, providing the same functionality at a much lower cost.

When used with Datalink FC answer sheets and our Apperson DataLink™ Connect software, this scanner not only scores student answer sheets, but also collects valuable test data electronically providing immediate reports.

Outstanding Features:

  • Over 30 formats of low-cost Datalink FC answer sheets
  • Provides fast document scanning at up to 35 sheets per minute
  • Scores exams with up to 200 questions (50 questions/pass)
  • Captures full 6-digit ID field data collection and reporting
  • Capable of scanning both Datalink FC Series and Scantron 888P+ & Score answer sheets

1 Scantron™ is a trademark of the Scantron Corporation


Package includes:

  • DataLink 600 FC scanner

  • Ink cartridges

  • 250 answer sheets

  • USB cable

  • Power cable

  • Vinyl protective cover

  • digital DataLink Connect software 

  • 1 Year parts and labour warranty included

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