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Who we are and what we do

Contact Us:     phone   Toll Free: 1-888-848-5111         email   sales@camtria.com         clock    Mon - Fri: 8:00 17:00 EST

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CAMtria offers free onsite workshops
Learn how to:

• effectively use 2nd source brokers
• create a good quote request

• resolve problems with clients
• more....


CAMtria is a second-source independent distributor that can help you increase margins and win more deals! Our team can help you source current, hard-to-find and recently discontinued products from a variety of manufacturers. Our expertise in finding these products below current distribution pricing will benefit your company and your customers.

CAMtria specializes in offering you retail, bulk and refurbished products from a variety of distributors and manufacturers; allowing you to procure items from a tight circle of trusted vendors at considerable discount.

Contact CAMtria for items that will cost you hours in research. Hand it off to us, and move on to your next sale.

All new product comes with full manufacturers' warranties. We are also able to offer you extended service coverage from many of the largest manufacturers.

All bulk and refurbished product comes with a 30-day DOA warranty, unless otherwise stated.


Why have a relationship with us

There are plenty reasons why!

Our biggest priority is customer service. We are not interested in selling you one item, we want to be the people you call for all your needs. Our team of dedicated professionals know your business, know that you are busy and are here to alleviate the burden of sourcing those hard to find items. 


What we doWhat we do

As second source distributors or brokers, our role is to seek out the items that you cannot locate through your regular distribution channels.

How we do itHow we do it

As an extension of your purchasing department, we will source, purchase and deliver requested items to your client on your behalf.

Why we do itWhy we do it

Our primary function is to fulfill your orders, so you do not have to say "no" to your clients, and allowing you to focus on making your next sale.

Our Suppliers

They are part of what makes us effective!

With over 20 years of purchasing experience, we have learned that having good partners creates a good backbone for our business. We take the guesswork out of sourcing your products by carefully weeding out unreliable suppliers and maintaining a good relationship with those that emphasize good service as much as we do. 


Who we work withWho we work with

We work with over 200 different vendors, distributors and manufacturers ensuring to find exactly what your client needs.

What makes us differentWhat makes us different

We choose suppliers who stand by their products and honour the warranties they offer.

What makes us successfulWhat makes us successful

We have strong relationships with our suppliers so we can insist on good service and receive competitive pricing that we can pass on to you and your clients.

Our Service

We are always looking to improve!

Through the years, we have refined our processes to better serve our clients. We have optimized our processes, not only to save time and money, but to make your experience with us as painless and profitable as possible. We believe simple and efficient is the best way to go.


Quote RequestQuote Request

Send us your request by using one of our convenient methods. Most requests are replied to within four hours.

Place OrderPlace Order

Once you send us a purchase order, we will take over from there. We will provide you with all the necessary information so you can keep your client informed.

Quality ControlQuality Control

We do not drop ship anything unless under special circumstances (ex: rush order). We receive and inspect all items to ensure your client receives what they ordered.

Order ShippedOrder Shipped

Once we have determined that the order can be shipped, your packing slip is filled out and the item is shipped to your client on your behalf.